Dywan - Shiraz 1446680 158x237cm

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Informacje o produkcie

  • Gwarancja 2 lata
  • Cienki, tkany na płasko – 1 cm całkowita grubość dywanu
  • Materiał wysokiej jakości
  • Ręcznie tkany

Runo – Wool
Spód – Wool
Kraj pochodzenia – Persia
Gęstość – 150-250.000 knots per sqm.

Opis produktu:

Dywan Shiraz 1446680 w rozmiarze 158x237cm.

Shiraz, with a population of about one million, is the capitol of the south-eastern province of Fars, and is situated in the Zargros Mountains. Shiraz is an age-old city, which has been the capitol of Iran several times, and it is known as the city of roses and nightingales. It has a reputation of being very relaxed, with a “ we will get around to that tomorrow”-attitude. Shiraz has laid name to rugs that are knotted in the small towns and villages surrounding it, from where they are brought to the city to be sold. The local tribes like the Kashghai, whose best works are even finer and more densely knotted than those knotted in Shiraz itself, also make them. Shiraz rugs are characterised by a deep claret colour, combined with dark blue and small areas of white and green. The wool is soft, and darker wool, sometimes mixed with goat’s hair, is used for both warp and weft. The patterns are coarse and geometrical, often identical to the Kashghai patterns. Often, small, geometrical birds and animals brighten them up. Shiraz rugs are made in all sizes, although big rugs are rare.


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